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Default Re: Fanfic of the Year 2009 Winners!

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
It's time to be like all that. Who is going to win the fanfic of the year awards of 2009?

Runner up: Life by Shen

Chaptered Fiction
Runner up: The Trial of Juno: United in Arms by Shen

On-going Chaptered Fiction
Runner up: Pokemon: Team StormRiders by Lunar Latias (Kumori Gem)
Second post!

AW MAN! SO close to actually winning this year, hehe. Oh well, the winners truly deserved their victories. I'm really glad to have gotten two runner-up positions. I really didn't expect it ^^.

Hehe, and I see Gemma also got runner-up. Scytherwolf REALLY deserved that win, though, but I am glad to see Gemma get recognized, too :3

Maybe next year, I'll finally get into that lofty Winner's Circle x3
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