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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

series:boktai(bokura no taiyo)


2 hel spin: use he's gun del hel and spins reflect every projectile
2v frontal hel beam:shots a dark beam in front of hem
2<> hel beam:a infinite beam in side
2^ dark gerenade:a small powerful gerenade pop from gun

1 dark shot:shot dark energy (chargable) got same rapid as fox blaster w/very weak stun
1v black hole:attracts projictiles in and heal
1<> zero shift: dash very fast like falco phantasm
1^ dark dash: like fire fox/bird/wolf but faster

fs black sun:dark ball appears from he hand,say "ankok" and blast ohko every charchter

taunt: charges dark matter and say "ankok"
<>taunt:do a hel spin and say "take this!"
vtaunt:he color changes red and normal
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