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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Originally Posted by Elecii View Post
Reserve me Azelf and Kyogre, with two trainers.

Also, I'm guessing Kyogre is too big to be a Legendary Mount, right? If not I'd love to use him as one.

Name: Katerina Sillowhay
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Katerina has straight ginger hair that goes down to her shoulders. She wears a navy plain t-shirt and a short black skirt. She wears black leggings and white trainers. Her eyes are azure coloured.
Personality: Katerina is kind and caring, but very shy. She barely ever talks. If she wants to say something she will get her Gardevior, Lillia, to say things through telepathy for her. Kate never tells a lie and prefers to work alone in whatever she is doing. She isn't very good at making friends, so her only friends are her Pokemon.
Class: Wizard/Mage
Alliance: No Alliance.
History: Katerina never knew her mother, but she knew her father. Kate's father went and caught Kate a Ralts when she was little because he knew how much she loved them. When Kate was five, her father sadly passed away and she cried for a day. Someone found her crying and cared for her until she was thirteen. When she was thirteen she decided to go on an adventure with her Ralts, Lillia. After a few days Lillia was a Kirlia, and Kate had all sorts of new Pokemon on her team. She trained all her Pokemon until they were fully evolved.

One day she found a shiny rock on the floor. She picked the rock up and it dissolved in her hands. She got really worried and stood there shaking for about five minutes. Then she stopped shaking when a bright light came down from the sky. She closed her eyes and opened them to see a beautiful Articuno standing before her. She jumped on the Articuno and they took to the sky. The Articuno, Sam, flew Kate around for a few minutes. When Sam took Kate back down, Lillia told Kate she should look after Sam. Sam and Kate became friends.

Female Gardevoir
Double Team / Magical Leaf / Hypnosis / Dream Eater

Male Walrein
[Water Mount]
Think Fat
Ice Ball / Aurora Beam / Hail / Rest

Male Manetric
Fire Fang / Thunder Wave / Leer / Thunder Fang

Female Umbreon
Sand Attack / Confuse Ray / Faint Attack / Assurance

Female Arcanine
[Land Mount]
Flash Fire
Thunder Fang / Fire Fang / Agility / Flare Blitz

Male Drifblim
[Sky Mount]
Astonish / Gust / Ominous Wind / Shadow Ball
Other: N/A

Name: Sam
Species: Articuno
Gender: Female
Ability: Pressure
Attacks: Ice Shard / Agility / Ice Beam / Hail
Personality: Sam is nice but a little odd. She usually flies off to get a problem sorted, leaving the others standing there confused.
Other: Legendary Mount for Katerina.

Your outfit seems to be a little too modern since this takes place in a medieval like setting. Also the history seems modern. And I'm not too sure if Drifblim is big enough to be an air mount. But otherwise everything seems good. Accepted. And I'll reserve those Legendaries for you. And no, Kyogre isn't too big. You can use him as a Legendary Mount. It's just that some Legendaries are too small to be mounts is all, like Azelf.

Originally Posted by DarkAmethyst View Post
Finally got mine finished. xD;

Name: Ichiru Kagami

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ichiru

Outfit is kind of like this: **Art does not belong to me**

Personality: Ichiru is a quiet and calm person. He may come off as cold and distant upon first meeting him, but he’s actually a kind and caring person underneath his outer appearance. Ichiru is also straightforward and/or blunt sometimes, although he normally keeps his opinions to himself, unless he feels the need to state them. He’s a tad rebellious, and prefers to follow his own set of rules and ideas, although if something is undeniably true or better than his own thoughts, he will oblige. He has a strong sense of loyalty, and will never abandon anyone he’s close or indebted to, even if it would result in death. Ichiru isn’t emotionally attached to many people aside from his brother, but anyone who does gain his affection will have his loyalty and respect until a reason is given for him to think otherwise.

Class: Rogue

Alliance: No alliance (will most likely go with whoever he feels is right)

History: Ichiru came across Mewtwo whilst roaming a forest one day. Or rather, Mewtwo stumbled upon Ichiru. The young man had run into another rogue and was forced to defend himself against his hostile adversary. Mewtwo noticed that Ichiru had no hesitation in raising his blade to an enemy, and that for someone so young, he held great strength, and made himself visible to Ichiru, proposing that the two of them fight together in the upcoming battles. Seeing that this Pokemon would be a powerful ally, Ichiru obliged. (haha fail)


Fire Flash
Extreme Speed, Fire Blast, Bite, Hyper Beam

Rage, Dragonbreath, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower

Dragon Rage, Twister, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam

Volt Absorb
Thunder, Pin Missile, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack

Bite, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave, Body Slam

Other: --

Name: Mewtwo

Species: Mewtwo

Gender: Male


Ability: Pressure

Attacks: Psychic, Recover, Confusion, Focus Punch

Personality: Mewtwo is a very headstrong Pokemon, preferring to talk with his strength rather than using words. (or thoughts, lol) He absolutely cannot tolerate a loss, and thus fights as hard as he possibly can all of the time, never “taking it easy” on anyone. A perfect Pokemon for Ichiru.

Other: --

Name: Kiseki Kagami

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: He looks exactly like Ichiru, except his bangs sway to the right instead of the left, and is wearing something like this:

Personality: Kiseki’s personality is basically the complete opposite of his twin brother Ichiru’s. He is very outgoing, friendly and carefree and loves to meet new people and make new friends. He is very energetic for his age, and can sometimes act like a kid. Kiseki can also be somewhat emotional - for a guy, at least, but tries not to show it. He is very loyal and trusting, unless given a reason not to be. He has a very strong spirit; very determined and stubborn and is certainly not one to submit - a trait that he shares with his brother. Kiseki normally prefers not to fight, but will if he has no other choice. When in battle, his personality changes completely, and he becomes a very serious and focused person, whereas outside of battle, he’s very carefree and easily distracted.

Class: Archer (but carries other hidden weapons incase he runs out of arrows or doesn’t have time to prepare and fire his bow), Aura Guardian in training

Alliance: No alliance, although he seems to lean toward the King’s Alliance in some cases.

History: Kiseki stumbled across his Legendary Mount, Latios while exploring a vast field one day. He is one of the few who has chanced upon a Legendary and simply spoke to it. Latios was hesitate about the boy at first, seeing his carefree and somewhat childish attitude, but when he learned that he was an Aura Guardian in training, he reconsidered. Kiseki demonstrated some of his ability as an Aura Guardian, and although he wasn’t the strongest of them all, Latios could clearly see a strong and remarkable spirit thriving within the young man. He asked Kiseki to join with him, and Kiseki, being the friendly Pokemon lover that he is, agreed almost all too eagerly.


Psychic, Psybeam, Morning Sun, Confusion

Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Confusion

Flash Fire
Fire Spin, Bounce, Overheat, Hyper Beam

Dragon Rage, Twister, Hyper Beam, Blizzard

Bite, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Take Down

Other: --

Name: Latios

Species: Latios

Gender: Male


Ability: Levitate

Attacks: Dragonbreath, Recover, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam

Personality: Latios is a calm and reserved Pokemon. He is very serious - a little too serious sometimes, actually. This sometimes causes conflict between him and Kiseki. However, his serious nature helps keep Kiseki on track. He is a very reliable and strong battle partner, and eternally loyal to his master unless given a reason not to be.

Other: --

Let me know if I need to edit anything.
Even though it's kind of obvious, can you put which Pokemon are your mounts? Other than that everything is good. Accepted.

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