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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Originally Posted by Pyroboy74 View Post
Joint SU

Names: Kayne and Isamu Dostial

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Kayne on right, Isamu on left. The boys got their clothing through their father's foreign trading.

Kayne: Kayne, having been born a few minutes before his brother, often feels the need to protect him. Always cautious to avoid hurting him, many people have teased him and his brother. After their father died, Kayne taught himself to fight and become a pickpocket. Even when he was stuck in the infirmary for an injury, he never let Isamu wander from his sight. Once, after breaking his leg, he completely ignored the infirmary just to let Isamu (7 at the time) wander around a field to play with his Cyndaquil.

Isamu: Having always been babied by his brother, Isamu taught himself in secret how to defend himself and also become a pickpocket. When his brother ran off after their father's death, he was teased daily by the other boys. Isamu was constantly on the run from the castle's guard, for beating up the boys teasing him. To prove himself to his brother, Isamu also left the castle in search of a Legendary to become his mount. Though he never quite forgave his brother for babying him so much, the two still get along together as they did prior to their father's death.

Class: Rogue

Alliance: No alliance

History: The twins' father was an extremely wealthy merchant, trading exotically, which earned him high status. He bought them everything that they wanted, including several Pokemon. Through their father, each boy got their 3 mounts, which they boasted about all the time and held races to see whose was faster. When their father tragically died while the boys were 7, Kayne decided to teach himself to fend for the both of them. One day, however, the two got into a fight, and Kayne ran from the castle in a fit of rage. Being 15, and on his own, Kayne had no one but his Pokemon to keep him company. After wandering for 3 months, he came across a cave that emanated warmth. Crawling in and curling up toward the back, Kayne quickly passed out. He awoke hours later, to a figure standing at the mouth of the cave in the moonlight. Frozen in fear, he did not realize it was the legendary Entei. The Brother of Suicune and Raikou, Entei was very kind to the boy, and sat and listened to his tale. When the boy finished, Entei offered to be his Legendary Mount. Overcome with joy, Kayne quickly agreed and rushed back to find his brother in the castle.

After his brother ran away, Isamu quickly learned to fend for himself as he had taught himself while his brother slept. Constantly on the run from the authorities, he soon learned all of the nooks and crannies of the castle. So, having found many places to hide, he decided to become more bold and daring. A few of his escapades included stealing a whole basket of bread from a baker, completely disappearing from the guards, and spreading the basket throughout all of the poor of the castle all within the same day. However, after living a month like this, Isamu began to think that maybe he wasn't strong enough for his brother's acceptance. Deciding that he should find a Legendary to become his mount, he set off in the middle of the night. Taking only his Froslass, Keres, Isamu began his journey along the forests that bordered the castle. Weeks into his voyage, Isamu ran out of food and passed out near a river while searching. Keres was also tired from their journey, and began to doze by her trainer. Isamu awoke to a hissing noise from Keres. Looking around, Isamu noticed a dog standing on the river, just a few feet away. Jerking up out of sleep, he realized that he was staring at Suicune. Quickly shushing the Froslass, Isamu slowly approached the Legendary Pokemon. He quickly fell to his knees and plead for her to join him. He poured his heart out, into his tale, to which she silently listened. After a long silence, through which Isamu and Keres sat quietly, she finally agreed. With tears of joy, Isamu hugged the Suicune around he neck. She quieted him like a mother would a child, and they journeyed back to the castle to find Kayne.


Kayne's Team:

Hades - Male Charizard

Sedna - Female Sharpedo

Cronos - Male Tyranitar

Sul - Female Gardevoir

Ceto - Female Spheal

Maia - Female Roserade

Isamu's Team:

Elene - Female Typhlosion

Thor - Male Electivire

Era - Female Staraptor

Keres - Female Froslass

Poseidon - Male Kingdra

Psyche - Female Espeon

Other: The twins are gay. But not for each other o.O

Shall finish soon
All you need are the pics for the pokemon, their abilities, and their attacks for the twins to be accepted.

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