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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Reserves me Crystal, I'd like to RP Pokemon with ya again.

Question, could we play a Legendary character as a character and not a mount at all? As I read you said some were too big to be mounts.

Name: Aliriu 'Ali-ko' Chiko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Hair is black not pink. She also wears a cloak when going 'into town' and carries a pole arm of some kind on her back.
Personality: Ali never liked people, never really got along with people, wasn't ever accepted by people. She'll rather try to have a conversation with an angry Feraligatr than a calm human being. Ali doesn't care for human problems, wouldn't help a human in trouble unless Pokemon were involved, and more or less wishes she could be a Pokemon rather than a human being. Her calm, 'I really don't care' attitude puts people off a lot, some Pokemon don't even like it, nevertheless Ali cares somewhere deep down, and her Pokemon know it. Fond of pole arms, she's more than willing to finish a fight, but never to start one. At least, not physical fights anyway.
Class: Beastmaster (Like...tames wild Pokemon for temporary use, like a Ranger I guess)
Alliance: Not allied with anyone yet.
History: Ali was an orphan, left in a thick forest to die by her mother who wasn't prepared to take care of her. Thus, her mother decided to leave her on an altar as an offering to the Legendary Pokemon to cease the storms that had flooded and plagued their home for months. Ali was actually taken by wild Pokemon, thought to be food and not a human child. One of these Pokemon belonged to a hermit Beastmaster, and so took her to the mountains where his master lived. The young woman, surprised by this, knew not what to do, other than to take care of her as her own. As such Ali lived on to become what she is today; a stubborn, hard headed and silver-tongued young lady with a disdain for humans and love for anything that wasn't associated with them. All of her Pokemon she raised from abandoned eggs, or rescued from certain death during her Beastmaster training, and so stuck with her throughout the years.

In a cliche twist. Ali wanted to return back to the small shore village from where her replacement parent assumed she came from. Half the village was in ruin, only starting to rebuild itself back up again. Few of the residents recognized her, but even that was just the assumption that she was the child offered years and years ago. Most of the locals were hunters, here to try and purge the cause of the constant storms. Ali became her own party to try and stop the constant squalls herself, hoping that this act may have her be less shunned by the community. Following a chain of islands and paths of fallen hunters, she eventually found what was causing the storms. Lugia, the guardian of the sea was being attacked by a human hunting force. Knowing it was the one to cause the storms, and that attacking a guardian was plain nonsense, Ali intervened, taking down what little of the forces Lugia hadn't abolished on her own. After Ali was the last one standing, all she did was take some punishment of her own, leaving her own friends to wait and watch. After awhile, Lugia became exhausted, and collapsed, and also questioned why Ali was not fighting back, or not taking the chance to claim it's life. Ali only answered that she wanted the storms to be calmed, and as such why the guardian hadn't stopped them. The story about how the oncoming war was explained to Ali, and how she was testing the abilities of humans to find help to assist Arceus. There was evil in the town after Lugia had refused the first comer, and Ali took this as openly as possible. Ali wished to help the Lugia further in healing it's wounds, but she was capable of healing herself. Ali was then offered by the Lugia to be the one 'comer' to help her. Ali thought about it for awhile before responding, suggesting that the Lugia go by another name in order to keep it more discrete from the shore-villagers. Thus, the alliance of Atraia and Ali was made.

Ashe the female Charizard
Flamethrower, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Solarbeam
[Aerial Mount: Higher air space]

Bandit the male Sceptile
Leaf Blade, Detect, Grasswhistle, Thunder Punch

Tydra the female Kingdra
Hydro Pump, Twister, Ice Beam, Agility
[Water Mount]

Tearess the female Flygon
Dragon Pulse, Silver Wind, Earth Power, Sandstorm
[Aerial Mount: Lower Air space]

Spyre the female Gliscor
Hyper Cutter
Earthquake, Swords Dance, Thunder Fang, Cross Poison

Demon the Nidoking
Poison Point
Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Head Smash
[Ground Mount]

Name: Atraia
Species: Lugia
Gender: Female

Ability: Pressure
Attacks: Aeroblast, Psychic, Revover, Twister
[Legendary Mount]
Personality: Atraia is calm and forgiving at heart, always keeping an open mind in conflicts, though would much rather prefer peacekeeping. She will do questionable things in order to let the truth be known, maybe even drastic if the scenario calls for it. She has a highly tactical mind and puts her friends before herself. The guardian of the Sea always keeps her word no matter the promise, though she rarely makes those kinda of vows. She doesn't have a fondness of those who are not willing to help out for the cause, or are being an obstacle to the cause of which she fights for.

Other: Atraia can be summoned from nearby with the sounds of pan pipes, as she likes to remain hidden from humans and only comes when Ali needs her assistance.

Name: Shayis
Species: Giratina
Gender: Male

Shadow Force, Shadow Sneak, Dragon Claw, Pain Split
Personality: Shayis is not fond of humans, or conflict, or even coming out of his Distortion world for that matter. He likes quiet, and only observes and judges from what he can see in the reflections. Making Shayis angry may be the last thing you may do, should you ever come across him at all. His temperment, though very tolerant, can flare up by pushing just the right buttons, and then hell would break loose. He tries to keep his Distortion World in one piece, however he has to venture a few times out into the real one in order to fix an external problem that seems extremely persistent. It takes a lot to be given his trust to pass through his world, nevermind how much it takes to get on his good side. Sometimes he is mocked for his lack of support in the coming war.
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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