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Default [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)


In the kingdom of Aloria, it was once a beautiful, peaceful place. The royal family of the king ruled fairly, keeping the peace with its people. But that was until one of the highest ranking generals had a change of mind. He thought that the king was too kind; not giving out the proper punishment that people needed when they committed a crime like stealing or murder. General Xanthros wanted not to only rule over the kingdom of Aloria, but all of the neighboring countries and kingdoms. But it is Aloria whose legendary guardian is none other than the almighty god Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon. So Xanthros, saying that he was simply going on a training trip, went to seek out the only other Pokémon believed to match Arceus’s power, the Pitch-Black Pokémon, Darkrai. It turned out that Darkrai was in quest to overpower the Alpha Pokémon, and could use the help. But in turn for helping take over Aloria and neighboring kingdoms, Darkrai wanted to rule all of the Pokémon. Xanthros agreed, and with Darkrai’s power, a war started in Aloria, the kingdom being divided.

All of the Legendary Pokémon sensed the upcoming battles, so they chose one person worthy of their power and became that person’s Legendary Mount. In this time, there are no PokéBalls, or modern buildings like the PokéCenter or PokéMart. This is the time of Aura Guardians, when combat was fought alongside the Pokémon with sword and shield. Also, men are viewed as better warriors than women, but that hasn’t stopped the women from picking up a sword and learning the ancient battle form. Man or woman, a warrior, or any class of fighter, usually has at least one mount, a Pokémon they ride into battle. Some have up to three- an Air Mount, Land Mount, and Sea Mount, but usually you have to be rich or lucky to have all three.

With the arrival of Arceus soon to come, and the war reaching its legendary battle, new events are about to unfold. New alliances will be formed, forbidden love will be tested, and with each death a new life is formed. Where are you in this war? Are you apart of the king’s army? Or are you on Xanthros’s side? Or perhaps you’re a commoner or a rouge warrior. Whatever your alliance or class, what you do will affect the battle. So, are you going to leave your mark in history?

  • All PE2K Rules
  • No Godmodding or bunnying without permission.
  • No Flaming or Disrespecting members.
  • Romance is allowed, but no Rated-R stuff. Try to keep it PG13-16. Also, boyXgirl, girlXgirl, boyXboy is alright with me. I don't judge. Sometimes those kinds of relationships make for a better story.
  • Action, blood and goreis allowed, but keep it PG16, please. Nothing R-rated.
  • You may have more than one character. Just be sure that you can keep up with all of your characters if you do have more than one. There is no limit.
  • Let us know if you're going to be away so I will not remove your character(s) from the list.
  • Other rules that apply to your characters may be seen below in the sign up sheet.
  • You get up to 1 Legendary Pokémon per character (but please leave some for others).
  • When a Legendary is taken, it's taken. That's why they're Legendaries.
  • Legendaries need a SU. There is a SU sheet for Pokémon you can fill out.
  • Not all Legendaries can be a Legendary Mount because of their size, so choose wisely.
  • I will allow some Shiny and recolored Pokémon.
~Sign Up Sheets~

Human SU
Age: (15-16+)
Appearance: (pictures acceptable)
Personality: (at least 3-4 sentences please)
Class: (warrior, wizard, rouge, ranger, ect.Tthink Dungeon and Dragons I guess)
Alliance: (King's Army, Xanthros's Army, or no alliance)
History: (semi-optional. If you have a Legendary Mount, then you have to put how you met your legendary)
Pokémon: (please include nickname/species, gender, ability, attacks known [only four for now], if they're one of your mounts, and anything else you think I may need to know)
Other: (anything else I need to know)
Pokémon SU
Gender: (male or female, no N/A please even for Legendaries)
Attacks: (max of four for now, can learn more later)

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