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Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
I chose Chikorita. However, I traded a Dratini egg and a Lapras egg, which served as two more starters. Due to my Lapras obsession, I quit using Dratini at lever nineteen, and I quit using Meganium (after beating Lance) at level 42. Currently, Lapras is level sixty, and for the most part, I can beat the Kanto gym leaders with only Lapras, let alone the entire gym, with minimal healing (limited to HP healing; no PP healing). I'm working on Janine next. :D
I'm trying to keep a balanced team, though I only have 5 Pokemon on it. I picked Cyndaquil, and for the most part, Gyarados and Ampharos have been taking care of everything (once Gyarados learned Dragon Dance, I was able to beat Lance). I just beat Lieutenant Surge, and...well, I don't remember Kanto gym leaders having Pokemon this high-leveled. I can make do, but my guys are only around 45-46, and Electabuzz was 53. Damn.

Typhlosion is fairly useful, but he hardly comes into play in really important battles (except for Koga; ever since Gold, I've pretty much assigned him to dominate that fight). He is powerful, though, and pretty sweet-looking, so for the sake of an in-game team, why not? Meganium is my favorite Pokemon, like, ever, but I didn't choose Chikorita because I have a great one that was bred or something, and Typhlosion is just better for battle.
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