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Default Re: Wait, i can't trade to the new Generations!?!?

Originally Posted by Starkipraggy View Post
I thought Crystal could trade to Pokemon Stadium 2 and then from there you could trade to R/S/E. It was pretty much the only way you could get a Surfing Pikachu up till Colosseum came out. Yeah.
I wish that were, true, but it's not, so...= /

But let me clarify by saying that all Pokemon games released before 2003 (the release of Ruby and Sapphire) have no connectivity whatsoever with the games released after 2003. This is because Ruby and Sapphire introduced a complete overhaul of the training system with new IV properties, natures, and a more delicate EV training process. All the Pokemon before 2003 weren't designed the same way, and thus they couldn't be transferred. It's kind of unfortunate, but I, for one, enjoyed abusing Suicune's god-like stats in Stadium 2 while it lasted.
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