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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Keion View Post
I love this idea. Group RPs would probably score more visitors to BMG members, since they are more accustomed to regular RPs with 3+ members. Some may try Individual RPs for experience, but I still think more people would want Group RPs :P

PS: I also want this for PE2K :(


I do like the idea of Group RP's, as I tried to implement with the Mission trials, though failed because activity fell off. But making the RP's more open, and again, run like we currently run the Main RP might help things out. I'll leave it up to you smart folks to figure out the best way. I do like stories and conflicts that could happen in those events. Maybe add random encounters such as Team Rocket that could only occur during group RP's, and reward them for a successful outcome.

I would say that if you're creating Group RP's, then have 2 sub-sections. One subsection for the Main RP and the Group RP's. And one subsection for the Individual RP's, which will be more numerous.
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