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Default Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?

Holly's Progress:

Updated: 4/16/09
*LOTS of stuff*


~Got the package from Mr. Pokemon
~Ran into Rival, Silver, and defeated his Tododile
~Delivered the package to Professor Elm
~Traveled to Violet City
~Conquered Sprout Tower
~Earned Zephyr Badge
~Traveled through Union Cave
~Arrived in Azalea Town
~Rescued Kurt at the Slowpoke Well
~Defeated Rival Silver once more
~Mastered the Azalea Town Gym
~Recovered the Cutter's runaway Farfetch'd
~Hatched the mystery egg!
~Made it through Ilex Forest
~Got Ethan's number *wink, wink*
~Made it to Goldenrod, got the bike
~Made Whitney cry
~Captured Sudowoodo
~Won third place in Bug-Catching Contest
~Won third in Speed Poke-Atholon
~Made it to Ecruteak City
~Defeated Rival in Burned Tower
~Rescued Kiminko Girl from Rocket Grunt
~Got my fourth Badge :D
~Reached Olivine
~Did all that other stuff, got my seventh badge, defeated Team Rocket, blah, blah
(Fell behind BIG time ^^')

Current Location: Dragon's Den

Current Team:

Tobi (M)
Lv: 36
Relaxed Nature
Met at Lv. 5 in New Bark Town
A little quick tempered

Zarya (F)
Lv: 36
Naughty Nature
Traded at Lv. 5
Capable of taking hits

Boden (M)
Lv: 36
Mild Nature
Traded at Lv. 5
Likes to Relax

Leoda (F)
Lv: 36
Lax Nature
Met at Lv. 4 in Dark Cave
Strong Willed

Lv. 36
Mild Nature
Met at Lv. 6 in Route 22
Strongly defiant

Lv. 24
Serious Nature
Met at Lv. 5 in PokeWalker
Thoroughly cunning

Current Badges:

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