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Default Re: Expansion: Stories

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Howsabout The Awesomely Stupid Writing Competition? :3

On topic - From what I've seen on BMG, I agree that the fanfic forum needs activity. I might go and comment on people's fics, maybe post a few stories of my own, like what most people are doing.

(Or maybe I'll go all out Grader on them and scare them away! *shot*)
I already considered the last sentence, and decided I might get stepped on. Although... you're on Training Committee, so IT COULD BE BENEFICIAL. Then again, so am I. ._.

At any rate, commenting a bit on stories is probably going to be the overall most useful/rev-up-ingnissh thing to do, as promises of commentary on how awesome they are (or could be if they tried out *blank*) is something that gets a lot of newbie writers experimenting.

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