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Default Re: Wait, i can't trade to the new Generations!?!?

Yeah, the first two generations (RBY/GSC) can't trade to the two newer ones (RSE/DPPt/HGSS) because of the limited functions on the GBC games.
I thought that was common knowledge; I mean, I've known since I was 10

Y'see, natures and all that weren't incorporated into the games until Gen 3, so trying to trade between them won't compute on the new games.
I dunno about EVs and IVs and all that, though. I was still pretty clueless when I was 10 XD

Anyways, that's why they remade the GSC games into HGSS, so people who wanted to experience or continue their trip in Johto/Kanto could do it without their battery dying on them constantly.
That, and they knew it'd sell like hotcakes, making them richer than they need to be.
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