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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

I spoke with someone from 'Garden and they expressed a keen dislike of having things solely on PE2K, forcing members of 'Garden to join here in order to take part in those things. So, we have to make both the Main RP and the Individual RPs available to both forums.

Harry's idea works; there will be two Main Entrances. One on one side of the Park and one on the other. The areas will be shared by both forums, but each one will have its separate Main Entrance.

As for sub-boards, we'll only need Pokemon RP and Ranger Logs, like here. We can copy+paste most of the stuff we've got here, but there are things we can probably compress into fewer threads to help keep it tidy and organized (or some threads that might not need to be stickied at all).

As for prices, we can always either leave them the same and give people the time to gain money and Mon, or we can offer discount prices for say, the first month, in order for people to jump right in. After all, 'Garden members seem to be all over the RPing board there, and I talked with Phoenix; apparently, he feels the Park is going to be very popular because of how much everyone there RPs. It didn't take most of us very long to get the hang of RPing to catch Mon; I don't think it'll take the 'Garden people long, either.

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