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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
Cool, so basically we'll transfer our stats back and forth then?

If that's the case we might as well allow inter-forum trading.

Anyways, I'm going to talk to Phoenix about getting a sub-board for the Park for the RP section. Otherwise, if we have to shove everything for the Park under one board, it'll get WAY to cluttered and disorganized.

If we have to we can make a thread archive for Ranger Stats, but the RP section needs its own sub-board, period.

We should discuss possible thread merge'ings and unstickies in order to help keep the Park board as organized as possible.

Don't worry Jess, you can have any sub-boards within the Park Sub-Board you want, and as many as you want, though I might question your sanity if you start being ridiculous.

The boards are starting to be set up on BMG, though I'm only giving access to URPG leaders and certain committee chairs.

As for the stats, Jess, I think it works like this. You only have one set of stats, either on PE2K or BMG, but not both. That stats is what you refer to and edit during your URPG career. So for example, if you have your stats on PE2K like I do, that's what you use. I can buy an item on BMG, participate in BMG contests, and battle URPG members from BMG, but I will always use the PE2K stats and refer to them if anyone asks. That way, there isn't the confusion of having two different stats.

If I wanted to move my stats to BMG, I would have to close down my PE2K stats (probably by deleting my posts) and then post new stats on BMG.

Ultimately, the idea is that we are all URPG, whether PE2K or BMG. We can fight whoever we want, trade with whoever we want, play on either board. Just having stats on one board makes it easier on the trainers and easier on the leaders.
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