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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
And as was said, most people aren't going to go through all the trouble that would entail.

We could always make it so that you MUST, on both forums, list your account name on the other forum. It'll be obvious if people are getting around this by making secret accounts; just look and see if two people seem to be battling only each other, or if most battles are between them. See if two people constantly seem to be trading Pokemon after simultaneous Park runs. Not sure how we'd catch the reffing thing, unless there were others in the chat who saw that one battler constantly seemed to have flawless prediction.

If we have separate stats on each forum, then simultaneous Park runs shouldn't be an issue because you'd be earning different Pokemon on different forums. Of course we'd enforce a "No trading between your separate accounts" thing to prevent people who get good Mon in the Park from constantly sending them to another accounts.
It's already been decided, one set of stats for everyone.
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