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Default Re: Expansion: The Park

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
I personally don't mind waiting a bit after the URPG's initial release on 'Garden to integrate the Park. It gives us more time to discuss exactly how to get everything moved over, and if certain things need to be condensed or dropped altogether to make it more accessible.

I don't agree with FD that the Park is too unstable to move, but I wouldn't mind a bit more time to get everything together.

If it turns out that we're going to be using our home stats no matter what board we're on, we can keep the Park here and just have 'Garden URPGers come here to do their RPing. That would take care of the issue of moving entirely. It would also make it nearly impossible for someone to go through the Park twice at the same time (once here and once at 'Garden) unless they create a clone account.

In the future we may decide to open a Park at 'Garden, but perhaps for now the best bet may just be to keep it here and prevent it from being abused.

I don't believe the park should be delayed. They are very accostumed to RP'ing in BMG, and the park could prove to be the BEST way to capture a Pokémon for them.
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