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Default Re: Contest Chat [For Contest-related questions too]

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
Also, I believe that thread should be edited to make it clear that number of Hearts determines next turn order, and THEN number of Appeal Points if Hearts are tied. As it is now it's not very clear.

Also, I feel the Contest Moves list for RS should be edited to make it clear when a move Startles/makes Nervous only one Mon or all of them. Here's a quick list to show what I mean.

Some moves specify what Pokemon are affected:

|Earth Power| Smart | +1 | -3 |
Startles Pokemon that performed directly before User.

| Extrasensory | Cool | +1 | -4 |
Startles the Pokemon that appealed directly before user.

| Earthquake | Tough | +1 | -3 |
Startles all the Pokemon that appealed before user.

Then there are the moves that are vague:

| Encore | Cute | +2 | 0 |
Makes the Pokemon after user Nervous.

See the problem? Encore doesn't specify exactly which Pokemon after the user are made Nervous; is it all of them, or the one directly under? Moves like Encore should be edited to specify exactly which Mon are targeted, because otherwise it can get confusing.
I always thought Encore was only the Pokemon directly after the user, but every time I use that move in a contest I always end up arguing with the judge over how it's supposed to work, and they always use it on all the Pokemon.

@Eeveedude- Yeah, that +6 thing threw me off when I went to take my judge quiz. *coughcough* DG please look at it it's been like three weeks *cough cough*

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