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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

"Yes!" shouted Lance as his imagination came to life.

Then all of the sudden, the craggy monster retaliated. It shot out yet another Shock Wave attack. This time it had added a frightening twist. The furious Rhyhorn used a Scary Face attack and as a result, Togekiss cringed in terror.

Lance knew that she would not be able to form another Hidden Power attack. She might however be able to release a move that she had mastered.

"Lulu, close your eyes and focus your mind on Rhyhorn! Then, use a Tri-Attack."

Lance knew that Lulu's special attack was far more powerful than Rhyhorn's and he was certain that Lulu's attack would absorb the physical based Pokémon's attack and even do Rhyhorn a bit of damage.

Immediately, three orbs of energy appeared before Lulu. One was fire, then ice, and the final sphere was electricity. Once Lance saw Lulu fire the attack forward, he reached to his belt, grabbed a Super Ball, and powerfully tossed it at the gravel beast.
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