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Default Re: (Normal Rank Standard Beauty) Ataro vs TsukiKaiki64 vs HKim vs F.D.

Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
Ok well, order is decided by the previous round's appeals actually. Meaning, at the end of Round 2, Ambipom should be first because he earned +9 for the turn, followed by Shiftry with +6, then Charizard with +5, lastly Ampharos with +2. This leads to me appealing before Charizard on Round 3, so I should get Crowd Boost still, since Fire Spin wasn't used yet.

This turn's order should be changed too. ^^; Going with Fire Punch.
Well... the order for turn 3 was randomized because Ampharos used Signal Beam... I don't know if I would ignore its effect, though, because it randomizes the turn for the next round. =O

And I thought the orders were based from the TOTAL points and not the total points received for the turn. XP

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