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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

Lance gasped in pure delight. “A Rhyhorn! I’ve been wanting one of those since they were first discovered! Stand back Ash, this one is mine.

The Pokémon before him was a gigantic Rhinoceros Pokémon. The large rock type was protected by a thick armor and bringing down Rhyhorn’s health would be a challenge. A challenge that Lance had been up till now, been waiting for.

Lance considered which of his Pokémon would make a good choice in battling the rock rhino. He wanted to save Espeon for a stronger pokemon and he decided that Ursaring might over power the Basic Pokemon. He decided that his Togekiss would be a wise choice against the slow Rhyhorn.

Alright Lulu, you’re up!” yelled the excited teenager as he tossed a red a white Pokéball into the air, releasing a Flying type Pokémon. The white bird-like monster hovered above the ground and awaited her trainer’s first command.

Lance wanted to make sure that he chose a move that his Togekiss was comfortable using. He also wanted to be sure, not to knock out the wild Pokémon. Lance instructed, “Lulu, Rhyhorn’s horn is its weak spot. Let’s start this battle with a Magical Leaf attack, and be sure to aim at its horn!

Obeying, Lulu winced her eyes closed and in front of her forehead a pile of dead leaves floated in the air. As Lulu struggled, the leaves began to get life back into them and they began to turn green. All of the sudden, Lulu abruptly opened her eyes and immediately a stream of sparkling, green leaves flew toward the angry Rhyhorn.
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