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Default Masami's [Espeon Rinage's] Final Ref Book

Since I nolonger have acess to any former accounts, forgotten passwords, one is banned for god knows what reason, but anyway. The last reffing log (hopefully) That I'll have to make. 99% of all battles reffed on Espeon Rinage.

AIM: EspeonRin
SATUS: 1 week ref licence from 24th april.



Battles Reffed: 253
Gym battles: 12
Normal Battles: 237
Tournament/War battles: 2
FFAs: 1

Last Paid: N/A
Amount paid: 161500
Amount earned but unpaid: N/A



Battles Reffed: 33
Gym battles: 5
Normal Battles: 28
Tournament/War battles: 0
FFAs: 0

Last Paid: 15th May
Amount paid: 29000
Amount earned but unpaid: 2500


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