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Default Re: DoH's Judgetastic Log!


Normal Rank

Spoink v Vaporeon v Bronzong v Espeon | Shock v Ayotui v TO v Eeveedude

Heh, Spoink SPAMed Snore+Rest combos all over the place, and even though it came out with the lowest score for the second round, its uber score from the primary round easily let it take home the gold.


@ 4th Place w/ 364 is Bronzong and TO. 1,000 and 500 CC
@ 3rd Place w/ 612 is Vaporeon and Ayotui. 1,500 and 500 CC
@ 2nd Place w/ 980 is Espeon and Eeveedude. 1,500 and 1,000 CC
@ 1st Place w/ 1,238 is Spoink and Shock. 2,000 and 1,500 CC + Normal Rank Beauty Ribbon

I get $2,000 for Judging.
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
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