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Default National Park Shop

National Park Shop
Be fully prepared!

Pokemon Capture Items

Parkballs - $500 (Basic Park Pokeball; Doesn't work on Stage 1 or Stage 2 Pokemon)

Superballs - $1,000 (Advanced Park Pokeball; Doesn't work on Stage 2 Pokemon)

Hyperballs - $1,500 (Top-Notch Park Pokeball; Works on Stage 2 Pokemon)

Dark Ball (ApriBall) Meteor Valley - $3,000

Lava Ball (ApriBall) Mt. Deckbi - $3,000

Pasture Ball (ApriBall) Botanical Gardens/The Woods - $3,000

Lure Ball (ApriBall) The Great Lakes - $3,000

Magnet Ball (ApriBall) Abandoned Power Plant - $3,000

Tough Ball (ApriBall) Mt. Oktori - $3,000

Extra Info:

If it hasn't evolved, it is a Basic Pokemon. Park Balls, Super Balls, Hyper Balls and ApriBalls will work on it. Examples: Caterpie, Happiny, Natu, Miltank.

If it has evolved once, it is a Stage One Pokemon. Super Balls, Hyper Balls and ApriBalls will work on it. Examples: Whiscash, Charmeleon, Scizor, Porygon2.

If it has evolved twice, it is a Stage Two Pokemon. Hyper Balls and ApriBalls will work on it. Examples: Beedrill, Meganium, Roserade, Dragonite.

Pokemon Fragrances

These Fragrances will calm any Pokemon that smells them, making them easier to capture. Use them to reduce the Minimum Character Requirement of any Pokemon by up to 20%. Please note that you can use an Item even if it would take off more than 20%, but the MCR will still only be reduced by 20%.

Fragrance - $100 (Removes 100 characters)

Soothing Fragrance - $500 (Removes 500 characters)

Soothing Fragrance Plus - $1,000 (Removes 1,000 characters)

Soothing Fragrance Super - $2,000 (Removes 2,000 characters)

Soothing Fragrance Max - $3,000 (Removes 3,000 characters)

Calming Fragrance - $4,000 (Removes 4,000 characters)

Calming Fragrance Plus - $5,000 (Removes 5,000 characters)

Calming Fragrance Super - $6,000 (Removes 6,000 characters)

Calming Fragrance Max - $7,000 (Removes 7,000 characters)

Ultra Relaxing Fragrance - $8,000 (Removes 8,000 characters)

Hyper Relaxing Fragrance - $9,000 (Removes 9,000 characters)

Pokemon Repel Items

Repellent - $250 (Repels a Pokemon of your choice; One time use)

Family Repellent - $500 (Repels a whole family of a Pokemon of your choice; One time use)

Type Repellent - $1500 (Repels a specific type of Pokemon of your choice; One time use)

- Not usable as Water Type Repellent at Great Lakes or Electric Type Repellent at Abandoned Power Plant (for Type Repellents)
- You are able to use only 1 Repellent at a time, and it lasts for the whole expedition/trip/RP.

Pokemon-Attracting Items

Honey - $500
-Use on trees to attract an additional encounter in the form of a Double Battle
-There is a 15% chance it will be successful (item is used up either way)
-Only one extra encounter can be gained per run

PokePlayer - $5,000
- Records and plays the voices of Pokemon recorded onto Discs (sold seperately).
- 15% rate of encountering the Pokemon whose voice is on the Voice Disc being used.
- Can use up to 3 Discs, and each Disc can be used up to 5 times.
- After all uses of the Discs, the PokePlayer is disabled until your next Expedition.

Voice Discs
- Common $4,000
- Uncommon $5,000
- Borderline $6,000
- Intermediate $7,000
- Blank $5,000

- When buying a certain Disc, mention the Pokemon that belongs to that particular Category as well for the initial recording so the Cashiers know what voice to put on the disc for you (Exmaple: A Common Disc w/ an initial recording of Ratatta).
- Blank Discs can record ONLY the voices of Pokemon from the Rare/Special Categories. Doesn't have a failure rate in recording the Pokemon's voice. Blank Discs can only have voices recorded onto them when the Trainer encounters a Rare/Special Pokemon during one of their Runs.
- Discs are permanent and after the initial recording when purchased, they can be re-recorded at the start of every Run for $1,500. Please mention in your application at the Front Gate if you have a Disc you'd like to re-record. Disks only need to be re-recorded if the Pokemon's voice is being changed.

General Items

Poke-doll - $500 (Grants successful escape from any kind of Pokemon Encounter)

Lava Cookie - $500 (Cures any status, including Sleep/Confusion)

Energy Powder - $700 (Restores a Pokemon's HP by 50%)

Energy Powder Plus - $1,000 (Fully restores the HP of your Pokemon)

Energy Root - $1,500 (Fully restores the HP and status of your Pokemon)

Revival Herb - $2000 (Revives a KO'd Pokemon and leaves it at 50% of its Max HP)
*A Trainer can purchase only 2 per RP(Only for Revival Herb)

Miscellaneous Items

Digital Camera - $7000
- Take a Legendary Pokemon's picture and sell it for $2000.
- Take a Picture of a Special Pokemon and sell it for $1750.
- Take a Picture of a Rare Pokemon and sell it for $1500.
- Taking a Pokemon's picture startles it and makes it flee before you can battle and/or capture it, and your remaining encounters ARE affected.
(Applies ONLY to Legends/Rares/Specials! No other category)

Apricorn Box - $2,500
- 20% chance to find an Apricorn after every encounter

Aprijuice - $5,000
-Use this item to change the Nature of your Pokemon
-To make this, collect 1 Apricorn of every color and pay the fee
-A Ranger will randomly roll 1 Nature from a list of 5 (of your choosing)
-Pokemon caught in the Park cannot have their Nature changed with this item

Special Items

Check back here often for special new items!

Park Shop Cashiers
All Moderators and Officials
All Rangers
Ash K.
The pokemaster

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