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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

Leaning against a blue Jeep, Lance awaited the arrival of his ranger. He had been saving up to enter the park for a while and now he was finally able to enter. Excitement was jumping around him like sparks in a fire. Knowing that the temperatures of Mt. Deckbi might get a little toasty, Lance was dressed appropriately in a white and blue t-shirt with tan cargo shorts.

“Hey! Lance!” called a voice off in the distance.

Lance squinted, blocking the sun from his eyes and waved at the approaching individual.

Looking down at pen scribbles on his hand, he read “Ranger = Ash”

Smiling, Lance looked back at the person and said, “Hi, you must be Ranger Ash. I guess you already know my name. It’s nice to finally meet you.”
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