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Default My own version of book 1 its called pokemon Jihno region bewarned its only part1

Part 1/6 ofChapter 1
"oh Walhan"

Terry Ranso a young boy who has brown hair, blue jeans and a blue long sleeved top. He lives in Chainbridge Town
He is so excited because today he is going to become a pokemon trainer and he didn’t notice the pokemon Tato flew in his room. But then it squawked and it came to his attention and his face went blank. He said “Tato go quick!” after that the Tato flew tremendously out the window because Terry’s mum Theresa barged in the room.
She said Terry had to go down stairs because his father was here Terry refused so his mum gave him an evil look.
He ran down stairs as fast as he could and waiting at the bottom was his dad and a pokemon called Walhan.
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