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Default Re: Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)

Originally Posted by Waddledoo View Post
I'll make another char, for the fun of it.

Name: Sarah Bell
Age: 19
Race: Pokemorph (Wigglytuff)
Affiliation: Omega
Moves: Body Slam,Counter, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam
Personality: Her transformation also affected her brain. The formally studious mind was replaced with the bubbly yet seductive allure of the Wigglytuff. She is friendly and social, and insults seem to bounce right off her.
Bio: Sarah was a regular middle school student with little interest in pokemon. She was not popular, and teased about everything. Lured by an ad that would "remake herself", she was literally transformed by Omega into what she is now. They wanted to use her as a lure for others because of her charm.

She was raised after that in a life of luxury, and she worked fatefully to achieve. When they found she also posessed physical prowess, they kicked her out and her world was turned upside down. Now she lurks in the coal mine, convincing male workers to do her work.

Originally Posted by DemonCharizard View Post
Name: Kasey
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Race: Human

Affiliation: Alpha

Personality: Confident to the point of total arrogance at some times, he likes to associate with people of talent and skill but is usually very rude to people who he does not respect. Although he can come off as uncaring and mean at first he is the kind of guy you can count on to always have your back in a tough spot. He loves all his Pokémon dearly but is always pushing them to get stronger.

Bio: Kasey was spoilt growing up, his father was a great businessman, bringing in thousands of pounds a year for the family. Kasey was given the greatest education possible growing up, but he wanted adventure. So when Kasey became 13 he started his journey through Johto, starting with a young Totodile.
He befriended a member of Team Rocket called Harry, who had joined not knowing the cruel ways that they treated Pokémon. The two took down Team Rocket from the inside and then both travelled together for a while. After Kasey had came in the top eight of the Pokémon League, the two decided to go their separate ways. Kasey then heard of Team Omega and Team Alpha, which leads him to where he is today, a member of Team Alpha.

Appearance: Kasey has long and spiky brown hair which is tamed with a black headband, his eyes are a d. He wears an orange T-shirt with black sleeves and a black neck thing, on the T-shirt is a black Pokéball design with two black horizontal lines one above and one below. He wears a pair of black jeans, a pair of white and black trainers and white and black fingerless gloves. He keeps his Pokéballs on the strap of his backpack.

Pokemon Team: Feraligatr, Ariados, Pidgeot, Houndoom, Sunflora, Golem.

So hopefully you accept me, but I might only be able to post two days a week
accepted. As long as you can post at least that much, we should be good
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