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Haha, hadn't noticed this. xD

Name: GS/Suicune/Flareon.


Story title:
Through the Eyes of a Flareon
Genre: Adventure, pokemon perspective, a little bit of humour, drama, friendship.
Rating: PG (for a little blood, death and language)
Progress: 28 chapters up so far; W.I.P
Summary: The story revolves around Dusty the flareon, a Fire type with attitude. It starts off with her and her best friend, Izante the leafeon, and both of their masters in a battle. It trails off into a capture, and soon enough the two find themselves separated and in unknown territory. As it progresses, Dusty learns of certain identities, makes many new friends and takes necessary risks to protect others and survive. Little does she know about a sinister organisation somehow connected to Team Rocket which are planning something she is destined to become involved with.
Additional info: Before TtEoaF I had written so many stories--random ones that mostly went nowhere. That didn't matter to me though, because I loved writing them for the fun of it, no matter where it would end up. However, this was a story I began with a "friend" who is no longer labeled with that title, and her character was Izante. It was originally a story from both Dusty and Izante's points of view--she would write it from the leafeon's and I from Dusty's. I ended up cancelling the idea after the forth chapter because she hated the way I wrote and couldn't take my criticism said to help her, and I didn't like her writing. She also basically copied every word (I would write a chapter or a half and then send it to her for her to write the same thing from Izante's P.O.V)...which got really annoying. Dx We also couldn't agree on many ideas and other things, so I decided it would be best to write it separately. So after that I can't imagine she wrote another word, whereas I decided to make it my "main" story, so to speak, and it's my longest one to date. It's helped me in so many ways and made me understand how characters and plotlines worked, too. :3 I can thank Dusty for that. ^v^
Link: Here!

Story title:
River's Vengeance
Genre: Forest life, pokemon perspective, drama.
Rating: G/PG (I'm not good with ratings! xD)
Progress: One-shot (three posts)
Summary: Libbi and Fickre are charmander siblings whose parents have gone away, and in the meantime they are being looked after by the parents' family friend, Palue, a squirtle who lives by a lake. The story is set in the forest where he lives, and tells of the things the two Fire types learnt on that night. It speaks of spirits and the ways of living in the wild. But what will happen once Fickre disregards the forest's warnings?
Additional info: I don't really know why I wrote this...but I like how it turned out. xD It was fun and meaningful at the same time. I've always loved the idea of spirits in everything and that nature has a real say in things.
Link: Here!

Story title:
Beyond the Bush
Genre: Pokemon perspective, drama, friendship.
Rating: M (for strong violence and blood--I'm being safe. x3)
Progress: One-shot (two and a bit posts)
Summary: In a world of harsh consequences and violence, a zigzagoon called Mynk strives to survive under the order of her abusive and inhumanly heartless trainer. One day as she's tied up and suffering from recent beatings, a cluster of rattata spot her. This is the start of Mynk's life-changing event.
Link: Here!

Story title:
Genre: Pokemon perspective, humour, adventure.
Rating: PG (only for language--ECHO!!)
Progress: 1 chapter so far; W.I.P
Summary: Love PMD2: Explorers of Sky? This is exactly that but in a story form. Echo was a human who was turned into an eevee and sent to the pokemon world. Derri, a timid phanpy, happens to find her whilst watching the sunset. He tells of his dreams to become an explorer and they form an exploration team. This fan fic doesn't follow the exact Explorers of Sky script, and I'm gonna change it here and there. Things will definitely be different having an eevee with attitude!
Additional info: I really wanted to write the game up as a fan fic because I was constantly being amused at the many chances to be completely different. It really made me laugh and I have ideas of how to change it and annoy characters like Chatot. xD This story will have all the PMD characters with actual names, rather than just 'Corphish' or 'Sunflora', so be aware of that. I've tried to pick out ones that suit them or are similar to their species name, so bear with me. xD
Link: Here!

Story title:
Howling in the Shadows
Genre: Pokemon perspective, adventure, friendship, mystery.
Rating: PG (for future violence)
Progress: One chapter so far; W.I.P
Summary: This story follows a houndour called Dusk and her closest friend, Eclipse, as well as two humans. Pack life has always been satisfactory for Dusk, as she's always enjoyed her ranking as second in command. However, once she discovers something suspicious, she finds herself taking new paths and revealing truths she never knew.
Additional info: Howling in the Shadows (or 'Howling' for short) was inspired by the theme song of one of my favourite animes, Darker Than Black (which is also called Howling xD).
Link: Here!


Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
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