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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0


• Name: Hugo Mendoza
• Name Meaning: Intelligent (There's different meanings, but since I'm more on the spanish side, this one seems like the right one)
• Alias: Juice
• Join date: 07-12-2008
• DOB: 05-27-1990
• Age: 20
• Birthplace: Houston, Texas
• Location: Houston, Texas
• Sex: Male
• Race: Human? lol white complected
• Ethnicity: Hispanic, Italian, and White
• Status: Single
• Orientation: Straight
• Occupation: n/
• Grade: Freshman at a university
• Family: 1 brother, mom, and dad
• Pets: male alaskan husky/golden retriever


• Height: 6'4"
• Weight: 245
• Shoe Size: 12
• Eye Color: Hazel
• Hair Color: Dark Brown
• Piercings: None
• Tattoos: none (at the moment)


• Color: Gray, Black, Green, Red
• Number: 12
• Animal: Panther
• Pokιmon: Dragonite
• Flower: Birds of Paradise
• Food: Mexican Food
• Candy: Jolly Ranchers
• Restaurant: my mom's kitchen :)

[ENTERTAINMENT] (favorites)

• Movie: True Romance, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith, Child's Play
• Movie Genre: Comedy, Action, Horror
• Animated Series: Megas XLR, Johnny Bravo, Total Drama Island
• Non-animated TV Series: Supernatural, Smallville
• Anime: Dragon Ball Z, Gun Grave, Karas (movies)
• Comedian: Dave Chappelle
• Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis, Jodie Foster, Gwyneth Paltrow
• Video Game: Pokemon franchise, Ninja Gaiden Black
• Console: Playstation 3
• Singer: Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Robert Plant
• Band: Ozzy Osborne, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Dream Theater
• Song: No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne
• Favorite Music Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rap
• Album: No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne, Metropolis, Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory - Dream Theater

[RANDOM] (favorites)

• Character: too many
• Quote: If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not working on hard enough problems. And that’s a big mistake. - Frank Wilczek
• Book: Heavy Metal & You
• Clothing Brand: err, Echo
• Season: Winter
• Day of the Week: Saturday
• Month: May
• Sport to play/watch: American Football
• Languages spoken: Spanish, Italian, English
• Places traveled: Mexico, Brazil, Italy, London
• Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, hanging out with friends and partying, playing games, playing football and basketball, fighting, working out, making music
• Tags/Keywords: ^


• MySpace: n/a
• Facebook:!/JUiCE713
• twitter:
• AIM:
• YIM:
• MSN:
• IGQ:
• Skype:
• DeviantArt:


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