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Default Re: Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)

Originally Posted by FireSong View Post
Sorry if this took so long. And... I kinda made this in a hurry now, since I won't be having much time after this day. D:

Samantha “Aira” Lovelace (Aira is pronounced as ‘Eye-ra’, not ‘Ey-ra’)

If it isn’t too young, then, 14





Sweet, friendly, and cheerful; Aira is the type of girl who gets along with practically anyone. She really loves to be with her friends; whether they’re human, or Pokemon. She also loves and cares deeply for them; she would not hesitate to help them at any cost -- even if it’s her life. Aira hates seeing her friends sad; if she does, she would try her hardest to cheer them up.
She has this childlike sweetness that makes her friends love her too.

But, don’t think that Aira is all nice or whatnot.

This young girl can be touchy; say the wrong word, even just by mistake, and she gets offended. She also tends to be quite emotional, and has occasional mood swings. And one more thing: Aira has this attitude of comparing herself to others, causing her to think low of herself.
Still, Aira is truly a kind girl who would never let a friend down.

Aira was born in Floarama Town. Her mother is a Pokemon Teacher who teaches at the Pokemon School in Sinnoh. Her father, on the other hand, is an excellent breeder.
Being born on town surrounded by flowers, Aira learned to love flowers. But, it doesn’t mean that she also loves Grass-types; in fact, the only Grass-types that she likes are Leafeon and Roserade.

When Aira turned eight years old, she received an Eevee egg from her father. It only took a week for the Eevee to hatch from the egg.
Being a talented breeder, Aira’s father was able to determine the gender of the Eevee. As much as to Aira’s delight, the Eevee was a girl. Her parents then asked her if she was going to give the Eevee a nickname. Aira said yes. She said that since she’s going to evolve the Eevee into a Jolteon when the right time comes, she’s going to name the Eevee “Daffodil” because she likes flowers and the name “Daffodil” seems to fit a Jolteon.
So, ever since that day, Aira started raising Daffodil with much love and care When they’re not training, they would do something for fun, like swimming; playing tag; or anything else that they can think of.

Time just flew so fast for them; Aira turned ten, and she’s now an official Pokemon Trainer. Throughout their journey, Aira and Daffodil met a lot of friends –- human and Pokemon -- and a few rivals as well. And thanks to their early training, battling some Pokemon was like a peace of cake for Daffodil. Also, the little Eevee evolved into a beautiful and strong Jolteon when they were in Hearthome City.

After competing with the Gym Leaders of Sinnoh, and at the Pokemon League (Aira finished as the 18th placer), Aira decided to continue their journey to the Johto region. There, she also carried on with her training before battling the Gym Leaders. When she had finished and was about to train again for the Johto League, she heard of the evil organization called the Team Omega. Aira certainly did not like this group, so she hoped that there would be a team wherein it would be against the Team Omega.
To her delight, she found a team IS in opposition to Team Omega. And that is Team Alpha. So, without second thoughts, Aira joined.


Pokemon Team:
~Daffodil (Female Jolteon) || Sometimes Aira calls her "Daff"
~Cari (Shiny Female Umbreon)
~Kovu (Male Luxray)
~Sonah (Female Arcanine)
~Cyril (Male Lucario)
~Spring (Female Roserade)

LOL. Aira’s personality is pretty much based off from mine, so… yeah. Hope it’s okay. :)
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