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Default Re: Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)

Originally Posted by Retro-Smasher View Post
I iz interested!

Name: Nao
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Ursaring pokemorph
Affiliation: Leaning towards Omega, but more or less neutral
Moves: Giga impact, Zen Headbutt, Crunch, Meteor Mash
Personality: Nao has always been a bad guy. Not very nice, but not mean. Don't expect alot of nice comments from him, even though his is optimistic. He loves attention and does whatever he can to get it, including going on rampages. Although he keeps a low profile when hiding from the law, he usually stands out in public. Mainly because hes a huge, Ursaring pokemorph...
Bio: Nao does not know how he became a pokemorph. All he knows is that one day he woke up looking like he does now. He worked with Team Rocket for awhile before they were disbanded and shut down. After that he decided to go underground to let the situation defuse for awhile. He left for Johto after the police stopped searching for Rocket Members.

Nao is now a prominent figure on the news. He seemingly randomly goes on rampages, destroying property, stealing pokemon (Via grabbing them and running, and only to cause chaos) and disturbs the peace. After a rampage, he usually keeps a low profile until the coast is clear and they stop searching for him where he attacks again. A very notable incident was when he sunk a small boat in the Whirl Islands and nearly killed all the people onboard. He has been hunted since then.
Appearance: Well, I couldn't find an Ursaring pokemorph image, so I'll have to write up his appearance. Nao is usually wearing a tie-dye bandana over his maw, and never wears a shirt. He sually wears a Hawaiian style swimsuit with little Hawaiian flowers on it. He also wears sunglasses like these: Other than that, you can kinda imagine a Ursaring pokemorph.
Pokemon Team: (Non-Pokemorphs only: All have 6 Pokemon. Omega members must have 3 shadow Pokemon in their team)
Other: Nope

Name: Saii Naro (Pronounced Ss-aa-ee, N-aa-r-oh)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Omega
Moves: (Only if Pokemorph)
Personality: Saii tries to avoid attention. He's not a very nice guy, and is truly a bad-ass who does't play by the rules. That's what got him kicked out of the elite-four. Now, he joined Team Omega and wants to get them back. He's a very revenge-y type of guy and really holds a grudge. And talk about judging a book by its cover, hes very judging.
Bio: Saii started out as a mediocre trainer trying to acheive the same common goal. To beat the elite four. But he went on to become part of the elite four after beating them with just his one, super power pokemon, his Miltank (Yah, talk about fierce). He remained an elite four member in Johto until he did something very bad.

He joined team rocket. At first it seemed like just another occupation, but as people started hearing about what team rocket did, he was kicked out. Rocket also disbanded a few days after he was kicked out and that increased his hatred for the Johto elite four. Now he has joined Team Omega in hopes of getting revenge for that bitter ending to his pokemon elite career...
Appearance: ZA! He has tight jeans on btw.
Pokemon Team: Miltank named Milky (Ferocious right?), Shadow Ursaring named Terror, Shadow Feraligtr named Whirlpool, Shadow Honchkrow named Gust, Shadow Tauros named Rage, Shadow Drowzee named Nightmare.
Other: Nope

So, accepted?
Omega keeps a strong hold on their Pokemorph creations. A stated before, all pokemorphs start out as property of Omega and are divided into two groups: the soldiers loyal to Omega, and the slaves, kept under Omega's thumb.

Your human character is accepted. You'll have to edit your pokemorph character

Originally Posted by Waddledoo View Post

Name: Jamie Starr
Age: 16
Race: Human
Personality: (At least 4 sentences)
Bio: (2+ full paragraphs)
Pokemon Team:

[Luna] Umbreon (F)

[Shine] Starmie (F)

[Cross] Swellow(M)

[Puff] Wigglytuff (F)

[Spike] Heracross (M)

[Char] Typhlosion (F)

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
Name: Rhonda "Mars" Portelli
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Affiliation: Team Omega
Moves: Charm, Attract, Sucker Punch...

Personality: Mars is, in a word, destructive. She is capable of thinking for herself, but is also somewhat vain and hopelessly ego-centric; looking for a nice position was what had attracted her first to Team Galactic, then to Team Omega. She is not ashamed to use her subtle feminine charms in order to get what she wants, and fighting dirty - in Pokemon battles or otherwise - isn't out of her range either. She loves deception, but can act childishly when she's displeased.

Bio: Mars was bright up in Solaceon Town, taught to be courteous, respectful, hard-working, and most of all, modest. This didn't fly for Mars. As soon as she was legally able to, and she received her own newborn Glameow at the age of ten, she promptly ran off in the middle of the night with her Pokemon and began Trainerdom incognito, under the nickname "Mars" (similar to a certain Timothy Grimm who ran the Hoenn contest circuit under 'The Phantom').

Her goal had been to gain international fame and be the mysterious Trainer superstar she always fantasized about being, but she soon found out that it doesn't quite work that way. So she slowly made her decent into the less desirable areas of Sinnoh Trainerdom - but her crowning unachievment was accidentally bumping into a seriously creepy blue-haired guy on her way along an alley and immediately jumping to fight.

Appearance: Big picture is big.

Pokemon Team: Bronzor, Golbat, Purugly, Skorupi [Shadow], Kecleon [Shadow], Stunky [Shadow]

Other: This is a WIP. Her dialogue color is Red.
Um, the 'Moves' category are for pokemorphs. delete that part out and you're good.
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