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Default Re: Love is in the air: take an umbrella!

List of prizes!

Bluejello- 3000$, Perfume, Ditto Constume (Power Plant) [11200$]
Neltharion- 2000$. Package(3x Family repellant)
Xalapeno - 3000$, Package(3x HyperBall), Horsea Constume(Lakes)
Redino - 3000$, Perfume, Mamoswine Constume(Oktori)
Bumblebee - 3000$, Package(3x Uncommon Voice Disk) , ATablet, Constume( Garden) [15000$]
kire - 2000$, Package (3x Scent Spray)
Sec - 3000$, Perfume, Package(3x Max Potion), Drifblim Constume(Heaven) [4000$] (Silent)
Ayo - 3000$, Perfume, Gardevoir Constume(MeteorValley) [5000$]
Sheep - 3000$, Perfume
Ataro - 2000$, Perfume
Starki - 3000$, Perfume, Blaziken Constume(Deckbi) [10000$]
Eeveedude - 3000$, DTablet, STablet
DG - 1000$ Venonat Constume(Woods)
Shana - 1000$ Package (3x Uncommon Voice Disk)
Jess - 1000$ Package (3x Full Restore)
Sam - 1000$ Package (3x Max Potion)
Stinky - 2000$
Marth - 2000$
Near - 2000$

Most of the Constumes were auctioned, with the price in bracket. Post here to claim your prize and pay any due fee.

Also, Stinky, Bee, Marth, Sec and Neltharion have found each one set of Baby teeth. Eeveedude and Starki got a set of decayed teeth each, while Sheepskinfuton lucked out with the Gold Teeth
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