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Default Re: [GFX Art Hut] Shy Grafix

Type: Banner
Size: Same size as the one in my sig.

Render/Stock: Umbreon
Render/Stock-Effects: Whatever you think looks good.
Render/Stock-Placement: Wherever it would blend in the best.

Background: Whatever you think looks good. Just make the background a dark color.
Background-Effects: n/a
Background-Theme: n/a
Background-Colors: Dark?

Text: Near the top, put Supreme Umbreon. And then in one of the bottom corners, put TEC.
Text-Font: Not too big, not too small.
Text-Colors: One that is clearly visible.
Text-Size: One that matches

Border-Size: Whatever looks good
Border-Colors: Dark color

Make it in the same style as Ben's Zorua banner. I really liked that one =D

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