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Default Re: .:~*Speed's Reffing Log.*~:.


-Eeveedude vs Shock64
-Magikarp vs Spoink
No Items/Helds
Normal Weather/Terrain
Default Rules.

-Are the Pokemon being used not self-explanitory enough?
Hah...well...actually, here's how one turn turned out:
Magikarp used Dark Void! (WTF?!?)
The attack missed.

Spoink used Bounce!

Magikarp: 6.15%
Spoink: 86.11%
Aw, come on. Eeveedude was all like "Dark Void" and I was all like, "Huh?" and it was the second-to-last turn anyways...Spoink was up in the air, also.
Just humor--lighten up. :P

-Shock64 wins, and gets $1,000~
-Eeveedude loses, and gets $500~
-My earning: $500

Meine Gehalt ist siebzehntausend.
((.:~*Salary: $17,000*~:.))


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