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Default Re: Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)

Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post
You might recognize this one. Hopefully I'll get to use her for more than a few posts this time. I really think that if the Dark Spire had made it through the beginning it would have been awesome.

Name: Sam Sage
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Jolteon Pokemorph
Affiliation: Omega
Moves: Quick Attack, Pin Missile, Thunder Fang, Discharge
Personality: Sam is a very stealthy person, both physically and mentally. She doesn't say much and rarely talks about herself. She is strong in mind, but her body is weak. Sam loves music and always has her iPod, which she hasn't been able to use with the headphones in since becoming a Pokemorph. You're more likely to find out how she feels by listening to the music she listens to than any other method. Her mood changes just as quickly as the rhythm of the songs. She gets bored easily so she enjoys challenges that require a lot of thought and strategy. She is stubborn and refuses charity, which can often get her into trouble. Sam is often unemotional and tries to see only logic, but lately she has been pushing this to an extreme. She is not completely sure what end she is working towards with team Omega, and is starting to question her position.
Biography: Sam was born and raised in Olivine City. She mostly kept to herself as a child, and didn't really have any close friends. She loved the sea, and Pokémon. Despite her love of Pokémon, she didn't go on any adventures, and in fact, led a very average life. She did well in school, got a good job, and stayed in Olivine City most of her life.
When Team Omega took over the city she volunteered for the experiments, as she knew that cooperating was the best path, if she wanted to live and not be made a slave. Also, she was rather bored with her life, and thought that this could make it interesting. These facts, along with her love of Pokémon made her very open to being made a Pokemorph. She really hates Omega's shadow Pokémon, but she tries her best to ignore it. After being made a Pokemorph she quickly made her way up the ranks of Team Omega, and is already a high ranking officer.
Appearance: Sam is 5'4", short and petite, just like most Jolteon. Her spiky fur is pale yellow. Her long ears are rarely in one position for more than a minute. Her arms and legs are thin and lanky. Her white collar usually sticks out everywhere, and bristles when she is scared or senses danger. She always has a red bandana tied around the base of her right ear. She wears a thin off-white shirt. Her spiky tail sticks out above her beige pants, which would be full length, but she ties a band of leather around the end so they stop just below her knees and bunch up. She wears thin brown leather boots.
Pokemon Team: n/a
Other: n/a

Name: Thane Shikra
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Alpha
Moves: n/a
Personality: Thane is very unsocial. He dislikes talking and interacting with humans. He likes being with Pokémon. He trains everyday with his Pokémon, not just training them, but also training himself. Around Pokémon he is very laidback and easygoing, but around humans he is very quiet or antagonizing, depending on his mood. When he is training or battling though, none of that matters. He is determined and fierce, and no matter what happens he will continue to fight. He will never back down from a challenge, even on the brink of defeat. In large crowds of people he gets almost claustrophobic, becoming short of breath and generally freaked out, but small spaces don't bug him at all. As he is already disposed to Pokémon and dislikes humans, he completely abhors Team Omega, and is likely to just beat on anyone he meets from the group, if he thinks he can get away with it alive.
Biography: Thane has no real memories of his family. He lived on the streets in Goldenrod City. His parents had died or abandoned him. He has always hated human contact and tried to stay out of the city as much as possible, but always ended up back in the city doing odd jobs for people, looking for shelter, or stealing food from someone. He continued on like this for most of his life, not really minding it.
When he was 16 he challenged Whitney and won the Plain Badge. A short while later he got a job at the radio tower, which helped pay for food and clothes. He quickly got fired from that job for harassing the costumers and other employees. He didn't really mind as he hated it anyway. He a team of researchers was in Goldenrod around that time, and he helped them, demonstrating his knowledge of Pokémon and his general intelligence, dispite his lack of an education. The researchers offered him a job as an intern while he went to a college, and although he wasn't completely sure why, he accepted. He managed to make it through college, which wasn't easy, but he learned quickly. after college he started working with the researchers full time. After Team Omega rose, Thane fled from Goldenrod, and quickly joined Team Alpha.

Pokemon Team

Name: Jayag Jagee
Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Male
Background: Jayag was abandoned as an egg. Thane found the egg lying on the ground one morning and had every intention of making a breakfast out of it. But as he was preparing to cook it, it hatched into a Pidgey, and he raised the young bird instead of eating it. Soon after Jay, as he is more commonly called, was born he and Sam ran into a Chatot which kept calling him Jayag Jagee and following them, for no apparent reason. Sam started calling him that as well, because Jay seemed to almost like the weird name. The next morning the Chatot had disappeared. Jay and Sam are rarely apart.
Personality: He is fiercely loyal to Thane, and will do just about anything to protect him. He is usually quiet and reserved, but acts much more laidback when Sam is the only human around.

Name: Ares
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Background: Thane captured Ares when he rescued Pat from him. Ares has always been mad at Pat for some unknown reason.
Personality: Ares is very quick to anger, and loves to battle. He will often antagonize other Pokémon to get them angry, so they will battle him. He is not particularly fond of Thane, but he recognizes him as dominant, and obeys his orders.

Name: Pat
Species: Poliwhirl
Gender: Male
Background: Thane met Pat as a Poliwag, when he was hiding from Ares. Thane and Jay fought and caught the angry Houndoom, and Pat went with them.
Personality: Pat is surprisingly docile and shy. He dislikes fighting and would much rather stand on the sidelines and cheer on his comrades. He has unfaltering trust in Sam, and will do anything he's asked.

Name: Basil
Species: Bayleef
Gender: Female
Background: Basil's original trainer was a horrible trainer who pushed his Pokémon past their limit then wouldn't take them to a Pokécenter, to toughen them. Thane tried stealing Basil, who was still just a Chikorita, but to no avail. With no alternative that he could think of, Thane bought Basil with almost all of the money he had at the time. He has trained her since.
Personality: Basil is very friendly to everyone, even her opponents. She completely ignores the general rules of battle, and although she will fight any opponent if Thane asks her to, she will often do something like attack her opponent with as much power as possible, and then check to see if they are okay. She completely adores Thane.

Name: Carol
Species: Rapidash
Gender: Female
Background: Thane was observing a group of Ponyta and Rapidash. When they realized that he was following them around, Carol attacked him. He defended himself, but Carol refused to give up, and by the end of the battle, she was badly injured. He caught her in a Pokéball and took her to a Pokécenter immediately, where she healed. He brought her back to the group of Ponyta and Rapidash and offered to let her go back with them, but she decided to stay with Thane.
Personality: Carol is a fierce and honorable opponent. She will rarely resort to tricks or any method other than straight forward battling. She gets angry at her opponents when they do. She sees Thane as her both master and friend, and will usually do anything to help him.

Name: Ramada
Species: Alakazam
Gender: Female
Background: Ramada saw Thane from afar, and apparently sensed something in him. She followed him around for a day after she first saw him, refusing to leave. Thane couldn't figure out why, he tried battling her, and she teleported away from every attack, but always stayed close to Thane. Eventually he just through a Pokéball at her, and it caught her without even shaking once.
Personality: Ramada is a very mysterious Pokémon. She is very quiet, and rarely interacts with Thane or the other Pokémon. She always seems to be meditating. Even in battle she is always completely calm.
Other: n/a
Approved. We'll start this RP this Monday, so SU's are open until then.
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