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Default Re: Changes in the Contest Section

And since DG forgot and wants me to post this.

In case you didn't notice, the current attributes and lusters are a bit broken as they allow you to max out all five conditions, while your luster is still not full. As such, DG has figured out the system.

Luster is maxed out at 255 instead, while each attribute is maxed out at 255 as well. Even if you have a current attribute score of 255 for an attribute (eg. Cool), and you equipped a scarf that improves your cool attribute, it will remain at 255. This is because 255 is the max. In short, Luster capped at 255, each attribute capped at 255 as well.

To avoid complication and any chances for cheating, past purchases that has attributes above 125, but wasn't inserted in one's stats because an attribute was capped at 125 before this, cannot add the remaining points. This change apply as of now, and only purchases after this apply.
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