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Default Re: Individual RP: Eraizaa-kun


I shrugged and carefully stepped around the Shuckle, who watched us with sleepy eyes, and took the lead as we walked on. Thankfully, the forest started to open up before too long, and shortly after we left behind the dense area that usually made Trainers want to leave. I glanced back at my charges and smiled.

"How you guys holding up back there? Need a rest?" I asked. If the terrain was difficult to navigate, as it was here, I tended to ask every twenty or so minutes if the Trainer with me needed a break. Most of the time they didn't, since Trainers were usually used to hoofing it all over the place, but it was polite to make sure they were keeping up all right.

Before Felix could answer, I heard an angry screech and yelped as something came flying at me from under a bush to the right. I jumped back, just barely avoiding a collision, and watched as my assailant, a Meowth, landed on the path in front of me. It hissed loudly, back arched and creamy fur bristling, its brown ears laid against its skull. Its curly-tipped tail lashed the air in whipping movements, and the Pokemon's curving claws were tearing up the packed dirt path. It was clearly very upset for some reason, and I hastily stepped back another step or two so I could dodge if it jumped again.

"That little bugger sure is angry about something," I commented, shooting a look at Felix. "If you want a Meowth you could try to battle it, but I highly suggest moving on if you can live without one. This one's already pretty worked up, so it'll be tough to battle. Your call though."


Trainer Stats:

Name: Felix Haru
Location: The Woods

Area Effects
-6 Encounters Remaining

Pokemon Stats:
-Jolly Female Delcatty (TM Protect ; BM Sucker Punch) <Cute Charm Ability>
74.18% <Currently out of Ball>

-Calm Female Dragonite (TM Rain Dance ; TM Substitute ; HM Surf ; HM Waterfall ; HM Whirlpool) <Inner Focus Ability>

-Naive Female Butterfree (TM Psychic ; TM Hidden Power [Electric] ; TM SolarBeam ; TM Nightmare) <Compoundeyes Ability>

-Careful Male Gallade (TMs Substitute, Swagger, Trick Room, Sleep Talk, Hidden Power (dragon), Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Thunder Wave, Skill Swap, Toxic, Snatch, Rest, Shadow Ball, X-Scissors, Thunderbolt, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Taunt, Safeguard, Reflect, Light Screen, Natural Gift, Fling, Poison Jab, Charge Beam ; BMs Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak, MTs Ice Punch and Thunderpunch) <Steadfast Ability>

-Sassy Male Abomasnow (TM Grass Knot ; TM Hail ; TM Earthquake) <Snow Warning Ability>

Total Items: Parkballs x 10, Super Balls x 3, Hyper Balls x 3, Supreme Parkball x 1, Digital Camera, Digital Camera Powerlens, Max Potion x 2, Full Heal x 2

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Lickitung {Encounter 1}
Christmas Delibird {Special Encounter}
Rattata {Encounter 2}
Surskit {Encounter 3}
Ledyba {Encounter 4}
Ursaring (Encounter 5)
Pinsir (Encounter 6)
Primeape (Encounter 7)
Shuckle (Encounter 8)
Meowth (Encounter 9)

Total Pokemon Captured:
Serious Male Lickitung
Rash Male Pinsir
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