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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Iggy Koopa
Series: Mario
How to Unlock: beat story mode with Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and Peach as your characters.
Stance: Iggy is standing around, occasionally running wildly around in place.
B move: magic
shoots a green fireball out of his wand
B-side: Shell move
shoots forward inside his shell
B-down: Charge
Charges up any attack of his
B-up: bounce
Uses a high third jump

Final smash: The Robot
Gets inside a giant robot, and can smash anything in it's path and fires bursts of flames
Taunt one: Laughs manically
Taunt two: Fiddles with a remote
Taunt three: eyes spin a bit

Win one: Gets into a rocket
Win two: Gets into a rocket, but the rocket explodes and you see a smoke Iggy
Win three: sleeps inside his shell

Lose: Claps happily
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