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Talking Re: Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)

Name:Jason G. Spectral
Age: 14
Race: Human
Affiliation: Alpha
Personality: The type of guy who you want to strangle one minute and you feel sorry for the next. He is the most random and hyper guy you could know, randomly yelling and making strange noises-He is also quite a nerd, making refrences to a number of things from the Muppets to TMNT. He's very artistic and hopes to become a well known artist. He also has to share every thought that comes into his head, often accidently revealing secrets and making him not good at hiding because of how loud he is. He is also very shy around new people, unless someone he know's well is around him. Jason is also scared of everything you could possibly be scared of, making him quite the coward.

Bio: An artistic orphan, hoping one day to make a Cartoon based upon what he loves. He has lived in Cerulean his whole life, and never left since he had a crush on the gym leader. After he began his journey and finished half of the Kanto league he decided to try the other leagues before finishing in his home region. The first league he was attempting was Jhoto. He isn't an orthadox trainer, often training his Pokemon differently than most would, and often treats them like people than Pokemon.

Jason was attacked by an Omega Grunt when training his Magikarp, and since the Omega had him pinned and was trying to steal his Pokemon, Donney decided to help the only way he could-He jumped and knocked off the grunt, freeing Jason. As the grunt began to attack the Magikarp Jason sent out his Umbreon and Crobat scaring off the Grunt.This battle hurt the poor Magikarp, and Jason waited for weeks helping Nurse Joy heal the Pokemon. Jason took this attack personally and searched out a way to stop the Omega's and quickly joined the Alpha's to stop the

Pokemon Team: Magikarp (Donney), Umbreon (Todd), Quagsire (WubbsterJr.), Breloom (Puff), Crobat (Batgirl)
Other: Jason hates clones but doesn't consider MewTwo to be one. Also whenever Jason refer's to MewTwo he refers to him as 'SuperKitty'.

The secret is the answer
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