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Default Re: Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)

Name: Robert Silvermyst
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Leader of Team Alpha
Personality: Robert is a young man with a strong sense of justice. He loves Pokemon and will go out of his way to help people and Pokemon in need. He despises Team Omega and their blatant disregard for the lives of others, Pokemon and human alike. He has a strong sense of honor to his friends, allies and his Pokemon.
Bio: Robert was born to two Pokemon breeders in the Hoenn region. His parents owned a Pokemon orphanage. It was there that Robert learned how to care for and raise Pokemon to their greatest potential and overall happiness.

At the age of 10, Robert began his Pokemon journey. However, instead of getting his starter from Professor Birch, Robert rescued a young Riolu and Ralts from a Pokemon poacher. These two became his first Pokemon.

Robert traveled the Hoenn region and made it into the Hoenn League, only to be defeated in the first match of the league tournament. After that, he traveled to Sinnoh where he met Riley, a guardian of aura. Sensing Robert's strong, untapped aura and his close relationship to his Lucario, Riley trained Robert in how to tap into his aura and use it

When Robert arrived in Johto after his adventures in Sinnoh, Robert saw first-hand the ruthless power of Team Omega. A Pokemon Center fell under attack, and Robert went all out to defend it. Hopelessly outnumbered, Robert continued to battle on, despite the fact he was losing. It was then Mewtwo, who had seen the horrors occurring, saw Robert's heart and desire to protect the injured Pokemon and gave the boy aid. Mewtwo then helped Robert form Team Alpha, providing the boy with his own personal contacts and advanced technologies. Within the course of a year, Team Alpha, based on New Island, Mewtwo's home, began to openly take the fight to Team Omega.


Pokemon Team: Lotus (Female Lucario), Lilly (Female Gardevoir), Sapphira (Female Dragonite), Krystal (Female Vaporeon), Simon (Male Zoroak), Farah (Female Ninetales)

Name: Victor Omega
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Leader of Team Omega
Personality: Victor is a cunning and calculating man. He sees all people who are not his intellectual equals as inferiors. He cares only about achieving his goals, of which his true motives are hidden even from his most trusted advisers. He cares nothing for the lives of others, viewing everyone as expendable, though he would never show it. He is a very convincing actor, making sure that everyone who follows him believes he has their best interests in mind.
Bio: Victor was born in Oldale, Hoenn many years ago. He was obsessed with being the strongest, but he would be beaten time and time again in battles. However, he began to manipulate the feelings of those he came across and set trainers against each other, leaving chaos, hurt feelings and betrayal in his wake. He then began to use his charisma to gather people to him. When his parents mysteriously died, he inherited their fortunes and began a pharmaceutical company. On the outside, he was a well respected man and his company produced quality products for people and pokemon. However, he also slid his hands into the affairs of the other criminal organizations. He was the one who slipped Giovanni the information about his son Silver's whereabouts and from there saw to the downfall of Team Rocket. He manipulated events within Aqua and Magma in an attempt to destroy Hoenn. He was the one who helped fund Team Galactic. All of this was to gather from each team the best and brightest criminal minds. And after Cipher fell, he sought and hired all of the scientists that worked on the shadow Pokemon program. And now, he has amassed an army for himself with the latest biological weapon at his disposal: the Pokemorphs. But no one is aware of his true intentions with this new technology: his desire to become a Pokemorph more powerful than Arceus and slay the Pokemon God so that he can take Arceus' place.

Pokemon Team: Shadow Darkrai, Shadow Ho-Oh, Shadow Tyranitar, Shadow Nidoking, Shadow Gyarados, Shadow Magnezone

Name: Matthias Semater
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Arcanine Pokemorph
Affiliation: Omega
Moves: Heat Wave, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Hidden Power: Ice
Personality: Matthias has a strong will and determination. He can hide his feelings well and toughs out the worst situation. He helps to keep the spirits of his friends up even in the worst of times, and is a dedicated and loyal friend. He will defend his friends fiercely, but he can be very kind and caring to those he befriends.
Bio: Matthias was born in Cinnawood, Johto. Son of the town's residential Officer Jenny, Matthias grew up learning not only the proper way of taking care of his Pokemon, but also took several self-defense classes and studied the various laws of the Johto region. After experiencing his own Pokemon adventures, Matthias returned to Johto to enter into the police academy.

However, Cinawood was quickly overtaken by the new Team Omega, and he was taken away by several members to become a test experiment. He was transformed into an Arcanine Pokemorph, fitted with a collar, and put to work mining the tunnels for evolutionary and power stones. While he has suffered much, he has also proven his resourcefulness. With the aid of his companions, he is about to set in motion the means to free himself and his friends from the grip of Omega.



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