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Default Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)


For the past ten years, the world of Pokemon has been at relative peace. All of the criminal organizations, from Team Rocket to Cipher, have been either arrested or disbanded. However, some of the admins from each group have remained unaccounted for by police.

Now, a new criminal force has started to sweep across the lands. In Johto, the western half of the region have fallen to a new organization called Team Omega, led by a once well-respected researcher in pharmaceutical medicines, Victor Omega. Under his direction, the former admins of Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Cipher and Galactic have unified. They have brought into their command a group of shadow Pokemon, along with a new experimental species: Pokemorphs. Unable to be captured by pokeballs and wielding the powers of the Pokemon they have melded with, Omega has become a force stronger than even the Johto military.

But there is hope. To combat this new force, Robert Silvermyst, a trainer from Hoenn, with the help of Mewtwo, Professor Ketchum and Professor Oak, has formed Team Alpha. With them are technologies from the Orre region to help combat the shadow Pokemon: the purification machine and the Snaggum device, which turns any pokeball into a snatch pokeball, allowing trainers to steal weakened shadow Pokemon from others.

The Roles

You can play either as a member of Omega, seeking to conquer the world; a member of Alpha, who seeks to defeat Omega and bring peace back to the world; a regular trainer who has not taken a side; or a Pokemorph, either willingly fighting for Omega or someone who was forced into the experiment and is currently used as a slave.

Team Alpha is led by trainer Robert Silvermyst, Professors Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak, and Mewtwo. They are comprised of trainers, Pokemon rangers, police force members and researchers from around the world.

Team Omega is led by Victor Omega, a business tycoon and criminal mastermind. At the forefront of his armies is a Shadow Darkrai. Heading each separate faction of Omega are the admins from each of the former worldwide criminal organizations.

The Pokemorphs are divided into two sections. Those who are members of Omega that willingly underwent the experiment to become powerful and help Omega conquer the world; and those who were taken captive after the conquest of the western half of Johto, forced into the experiment program and are used as slaves to help gather and farm resources. Unlike Pokemon, Pokemorphs cannot be captured by pokeballs. Instead, the slaves are fitted with rigged collars which are controlled by remote. Anytime they misbehave or try to escape, the collars render them unconscious. If a Pokemorph gets too far from the central hub, they are rendered unconscious. If they try to remove the collar without a specialized key, the collar explodes.


1.> Obey the guild rules
2.> No more than 3 characters each
3.> Stay Active (at least 3 days a week)
4.> No Godmoding
5.> No Legendaries
6.> Keep things PG-13. Romance is allowed, just don't get carried away.
7.> The Snaggum device will only allow you to steal shadow Pokemon, and those Pokemon must first be weakened through battle. Each device is DNA encoded, so it will only work for those members of Team Alpha who are assigned one.
8.> All Pokemorphs start out affiliated with Omega. For those playing slaves, don't worry, there will be a breakout early on ;)


Race: (Human/Pokemorph: If Pokemorph, what species)
Affiliation: (Alpha/Omega/None)
Moves: (Only if Pokemorph)
Personality: (At least 4 sentences)
Bio: (2+ full paragraphs)
Pokemon Team: (Non-Pokemorphs only: All have 6 Pokemon. Omega members must have 3 shadow Pokemon in their team)

Robert Silvermyst, Victor Omega, Matthias Semater (Mewcario)
Jason G. Spectral (DarkLugiaMaster Gir)
Davis Keenoi and Emily Deraan (mickmon95)
Samantha “Aira” Lovelace (Fire Song)
Rhonda "Mars" Portelli (Giratina)
Sam Sage, Thane Shikra (sammy0295)



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