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Default Love is in the air: take an umbrella!

Ok, me and Sam, resident butt-monkey and Event Organiser, were going to host a Valentine's Day event. We would've done it on Valentine's Day, but our stupid Cupid got arrested for illegal possession of dangerous weapons, so we had to do something else.

Blame it on Cupid, guys.

Anyway, I hereby present you the:

Valentine's Day Lovingful Shower (of gifts)

It's going to be hosted Wednesday, February 17 by me and Trainer17 aka Sam- we'll invite whoever we see on AIM at the time. The time is to be kept secret because Sammy want so.

We will be handing out Park items to spread the love, some old glories will come back (like the Supreme Park Ball), and other stuff we'll be handing out includes, but isn't limited to:
  • Valentine Day's Perfume Essences
    These items can act as an extra encounter in a trip through the Park, as long as you wear them on your neck from the beginning of the Park trip. Be wary though- wild Pokemon may have... interesting reactions to these perfumes.
  • Vitamin Tablets
    By feeding these items to your Pokemon or to Wild ones, something special will happen! Different kinds of vitamins will be handed!
  • Item Packages
    These consists of a random choice of 3 of the same item from the Park Shop- Special Map, Pokeplayer and Digital Camera excluded.

Also, this is not all! The climax of the event actually is:

Find the Park Warden's lost teeth!

It seems our beloved Harry Kim has lost his precious teeth- and now nobody can understand what he's saying! Brave adventurers, will you help recover them, so that he'll stop spitting on us whenever he tries to say something?

Rewards will be given!

With love,
DarkGardevoir and Trainer17

Feel free to use this thread for discussion/questions

*This event was approved by Dog Of Hellsing and Hkim(though nobody understood what he said because he lost his teeth. We assumed 2 spits meant "go ahead"). The Park Staff doesn't take responsability for improper use of the limited-edition items by trainers, nor will respond to amusing injuries caused by wild Pokemon.
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