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Default Re: .:~*Speed's Reffing Log.*~:.


-Iridium vs Y2kPikachu (Veilstone Gym)
-Crobat, Metagross, Togekiss vs Poliwrath, Infernape, Machop
No Items/Helds
Random Weather
Normal Terrain
Freeze Clause
Sleep Clause
All Gym mons know Gym TM.

-AIM, Forum, AIM, Forum
-To be honest, I don't even remember how most of the battle went, it got so switched around back and forth from AIM to forum. ^^; Anyways, it was a pretty close race. Machamp's Dynamic Punch confused Crobat, and in Crobat's confusion, it didn't have very many lucky dice rolls for a while, let's just say. Then...I'm pretty sure Crobat starts pwn'ing Machamp and Infernape with Brave Bird, if I remember right. Bubblebeam from Poliwrath KO'd it, though, just for Togekiss to be sent out and knock the tadpole down.
Gym Defended~

-Iridium wins, and gets $2,000~
-Y2kPikachu loses, and gets $1,000~
-My earning: $1,500

Meine Gehalt ist vierzehntausend.
((.:~*Salary: $14,000*~:.))

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