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Default Re: .:~*Speed's Reffing Log.*~:.


-Pokemon Partner vs Susaska Vannorost
-Blaziken, Mightyena, Gyarados vs Infernape, Tyranitar, Swampert
No Items/Helds
Random Weather
Normal Terrain
Default Rules.

-Pretty epic. Lots of Pokemon switching back and forth, including switching due to Roar. At the end, Infernape and Blaziken were down to their last bit of HP. Blaziken attempted Quick Attack, but Infernape beat it with Mach Punch. Knock-Out.

-Susaska Vannorost wins, and gets $1,000~
-Pokemon Partner loses, and gets $500~
-My earning: $1,500

Meine Gehalt ist elftausendfunfhundert.
((.:~*Salary: $11,500*~:.))

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