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Default Re: The D/P/Pt AR code listings thread !PE2K D/P/Pt code listings thread NEEEDS YOU!

Needs testing: The below codes are Platinum variants of the 252 EV vitamins for Diamond

~Hp Up (HP)
120966BA 000046C0
12096C40 000020FC

~Protein (Attack)
12096726 000046C0
12096CA0 000020FC

~Iron (Defense)
12096792 000046C0
12096D00 000020FC

~Carbos (Speed)
12096800 000046C0
12096D60 000020FC

~Calcium (Special Attack)
1209686E 000046C0
12096DC0 000020FC

~Zinc (Special Defense)
120968DA 000046C0
12096E20 000020FC

Tip: For you hex savvy folk (or those with access to google and a brain)
You can make a custom EV pill by exchanging the last two digits (FC) for the value of your choice from 00 to FF (0 and 255 respectively)
For those who don't have their Action Replay disc:
Code Manager

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