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Default Re: The NU Tournament


Post your team of six when you sign up. All these mons are rented and know every TM/HM/BM/SM/MT move that it can learn. You may also choose your Pokemon's Hidden Power type.

1. Stinky: Chatot, Qwilfish, Butterfree, Armaldo, Plusle, Muk
2. NES2: Bastiodon, Castform, Kecleon, Mawile, Pelipper, Chatot
3. Eraizaa: Ampharos, Ariados, Castform, Armaldo, Quilfish, Wigglytuff
4. luke39: Wigglytuff, Pelipper, Chatot, Ampharos, Castform, Ditto
5. Lord Khajmer: Pachirisu, Ampharos, Qwilfish, Parasect, Mightyena, Pelipper
6. Psychedelic Shroomish: Armaldo, Ampharos, Butterfree, Qwilfish, Mawile, Raticate
7. Pokemon Partner: Shedinja, Beedrill, Castform, Chatot, Ditto, Kecleon
8. Scourge of Amaranth: Dunsparce, Chimecho, Qwilfish, ???, Armaldo, Ampharos
9. BlueJello: Ditto, Muk, Kecleon, Bastiodon, Chatot, Beedrill
10. Stubby Boardman: Kecleon, Banette, Armaldo, Mantine, Ampharos, Qwilfish
11. Bumblebee16: Kecleon, Armaldo, Bastiodon, Muk, Wormadam, Ampharos
12. Kirethidae: Armaldo, Qwilfish, Pelipper, Dunsparce, Castform, Plusle
13. Mitsuzo-kun: Qwilfish, Mantine, Swalot, Plusle, Ampharos, Raticate
14. Spiderc: Parasect, Swalot, Luvdisc, Furret, Pidgeot, Chimecho
15. ragnarok0422: Furret, Mightyena, Swalot, Pidgeot, Ampharos, Armaldo
16. Neltharion_deathwing: Pidgeot, Muk, Mantine, Armaldo, Ampharos, Bastiodon
17. FireSong: Ampharos, Butterfree, Castform, Mightyena, Muk, Pidgeot
18. Xalapeno: Masquerain, Qwilfish, Spinda, Raticate, Muk,Minun
19. Sec: Parasect, Chatot, Armaldo, Qwilfish, Ampharos, Mighteyena
20. Haze: Chatot, Muk, Armaldo, Qwilfish, Ampharos, Mothim
21. Iridium: Armaldo, Chatot, Qwilfish, Raticate, Ampharos, Muk
22. -Pichu Boy-: Plusle, Kecleon, Parasect, Chimecho, Banette, Chatot
23. Keion: Ampharos, Furret, Muk, Mothim, Dunsparce, Kecleon
24. Dog of Hellsing: Ampharos, Chatot, Swalot, Mantine, Bastiodon, Raticate
25. Ataro: Ampharos, Luvdisc, Mantine, Parasect, Qwilfish, Bastiodon
26. GreenRampage: Qwilfish, Ampharos, Luvdisc, Mantine, Parasect, Castform
27. The Jr Trainer: Pidgeot, Shedinja, Luvdisc, Qwilfish, Ampharos, Raticate, Dustox
28. Fierce Deity: Ampharos, Qwilfish, Armaldo, Mantine, Wigglytuff, Muk
29. Eeveedude: Ampharos, Muk, Wigglytuff, Pidgeotto, Armaldo, Mantine
30. HKim: Ampharos, Bastiodon, Raticate, Qwilfish, Chatot, Parasect
31. Shen: Ampharos, Pidgeot, Butterfree, Armaldo, Bastiodon, Muk
32. TheEvilDookie: Muk, Armaldo, Ampharos, Chatot, Qwilfish, Raticate
33. Marth: Armaldo, Banette, Raticate, Pidgeot, Dunsparce, Minun
34. Shana2488: Luvdisc, Ditto, Butterfree, Mawile, Banette, Sudowoodo
35. xXxholicfan: Bastiodon, Banette, Armaldo, Mantine, Muk, Raticate
36. Fenix: Banette, Armaldo, Chatot, Ampharos, Qwilfish, Muk


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