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Default Re: Dog of Hellsing, Ataro, DarkGardevoir, Ayotui -Normal Tough D/P/P-

1st turn start!

Scyther appeals to Bob!
Scyther uses Aerial Ace! Scyther goes first! +4

Kangaskhan appeals to BlueJello!
Kangaskhan uses Body Slam! +3
Voltage increases!

Absol appeals to Bob!
Absol uses Leer! +2
Voltage of chosen judge doesn’t decrease for this round!

Rhyperior appeals to Bob!
Rhyperior uses Take Down! +3
Voltage increases!

Bob: Scyther, Absol and Rhyperior. All +1! [CL=1]
BlueJello: Kangaskhan. Only one to appeal to BlueJello, +3! [CL=1]
Bill: No one likes Bill. :[ [CL=0]


1st: Absol @ 30 Points [+3 this turn]
2nd: Rhyperior @ 40 Points [+4 this turn]
3rd: Scyther @ 50 Points [+5 this turn]
4th: Kangaskhan @ 60 Points [+6 this turn]


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