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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

lol i know this aint nintendo but he it goes

name:percy jackson,
series:percy jackson and the olympians
how to unlock: win at least 500 vs modes with anyone, have him join you in sse, or succesfully complete the "sounds of the ocean" event.

b:minotaur horn- blows into it and pushes people back does five damage
over b: riptide slash- pulls out riptide and slashes opponent.
down b:ocean ride- rides with waves and does ten damage to whoever's in the way
up b:sky riptide- points riptide near the sky and hits that opponent

final smash: poiseidon call- calls his dad (poiseidon) and the three biggest gods (poiseidon, zeus, and hades) kill everyone.

taunt 1: this is a pen! (holds out riptide)
taunt 2:your going down,luke!
taunt 3: cant match this!

win taunt: the power of the demigods have been shown.
lose taunt:stomps foot but claps.

name:grover underwood
series:percy jackson and the olympians
how to unlock: unlock percy jackson

B: nature call- summons nymphs to attack people
over b:tracking song- blows into his instrument a hilary duff song and everyone's ears start to hurt
down b:empathy link: contacts percy and gets him to hit one person
up b:goat jump- jumps as high as he can and hurts anyone who gets in his way

final smash:so yesterday-plays so yesterday by hilary duff on his tracking instrument and kills everyone

taunt 1:timid but powerful!
taunt 2: i must protect percy!
taunt 3:how do you like hilary duff? (plays tracking song)

win taunt 1:satyrs are the best!
win taunt 2:(plays final smash tracking song)

lose taunt:rubs hoove on the floor

name:annabeth chase
series: percy jackson and the olympians
unlock: unlock percy jackson and grover underwood

b:help percy- helps teammate kill a person. if in regular brawl,summons help
over b:architect buildng- makes a tower appear from below opponent
down b:call athena- calls athena to get wisdm from her and uses that to attack
up b:rise of demigods: a pegasus lifts her up

final smash:amazing architect- builds a lot of building from random places

taunt 1:hump, seaweed brain
taunt 2: watch the wisdom of athena!
taunt 3: (goes over architectual blueprints)

win taunt: wisdom conquers all (smiles)
win taunt 2:take that seaweed brain!

lose taunt:crys

just to make a point, grover does play hilary duff songs in the titans curse o it is very accurate.
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