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Default Re: Contest Chat [For Contest-related questions too]

Originally Posted by Shock64 View Post
A few questions, before I join.

One, is the only reason I don't see many posts specifying which judge the Pokemon's targeting because most people do R/S?

Two, you use URPG cash to pay for this, yes?

Three, do your must your Pokemon have four definite moves for use in EVERY contest, or can you choose a different four-move moveset every time you enter a new contest?

Four, you can use as many of your Pokemon as you want, correct?

And five,

I could make some banners, on account of my having no life. Get me on AIM or PM, if you'd like to tell me what you would want. I'd prefer AIM, though. xP
Weird, the forum says DG posted last...

One: Yes, most people prefer RS.
Two: Yep, you use URPG Cash, this is part of the URPG, isn't it?
Three: Nope, you can choose different moves every time you enter a new contest, but you can't change in between a contest.
Four: Yes, you're free to use as many Pokemon you want, but only one in a contest, though you knew that obviously
Five: Talk to DG for that :o

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