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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Craig Sheppard
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Craig is a very relaxed, easy going person. He is Very dedicated to his goal and will go to any measures to get there.
Height: 6"6
Weight: 150 pounds
Other:Always wears a hat and glasses

Pokemon Captured:

Nickname: Death Green
Species: Tangela
Nature: Impish

Nickname: Capt. Sour
Species: Bulbasaur
Nature: Docile

Nickname: Vinny
Species: Tangrowth
Nature: Adamant

Pokemon Natures:

Nickname: King
Species: Nidoking
Nature: Docile (Silent and Obedient)

Nickname: Shocker
Species: Electivire
Nature: Jolly (Happy and High Spirited)

Park Items:
8x Parkballs
2x Superballs


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Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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