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Default Re: .:~*Speed's Reffing Log.*~:.


-luke39 vs Haze (Pewter Gym)
-Swampert, Poliwrath, Staraptor vs Cradily, ???, ???
No Items
Helds Allowed
Sandstorm Weather
Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause.

-AIM, then Forum.
-Rather simple after a while. Cradily uses two Swords Dance and one Rock Polish. Plus, the Sandstorm and basically sweeps the floor with Swampert, Poliwrath, and Staraptor in one hit.
Gym Defended.

-Haze wins, and gets $2,000~
-luke39 loses, and gets $1,000~
-My earning: $1,500

Meine Gehalt ist sechzehntausendfunfhundert.
((.:~*Salary: $16,500*~:.))

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